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Welcome to your Student Health Plan

Below you will find useful information about the
University of Michigan
Domestic Student Health Plan

To update your payment on file or to submit a new prepayment authorization, please click here.


Enroll in U of M Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan

If you are new to the Student Health Insurance Program, you must first, Register for a user login.

Please contact the Blue Care Network Student Health Plan Service Center at (855) 669-8041.

If you had coverage last year and already have a Blue Water Benefits User ID and Temporary password emailed to you Enroll Now.

If you have not received your User ID and Temporary password, select Register.

Member ID

If you currently have a Student Member Account with BCBSM, login to access your ID card, view claims and more.

Health Plan Page

Find benefits and plan information here.


Contact Information

Who to contact if you have questions about your health plan

If you have Enrollment or Billing Questions, please contact Blue Water Benefits Administrators via telephone at (855) 669-8041 or email us at UMSHPStudentInquiries@bcbsm.com.

If you have questions about your Claims, Benefits, or Providers, please contact BCN at (800) 287-4103 or visit https://www.bcbsm.com.

Prescription Drugs

Information on your prescription drug benefits

Access Your 2023 Blue Care Network Custom Select Drug List (bcbsm.com) to find information about your drug coverage and medication options. The list provides options so you and your doctor can decide your best course of treatment. The U of M Student Health Plan is a 6-tier plan.


Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form [pdf]

2023 Blue Care Network Custom Select Drug List (bcbsm.com)

University Health Service (UHS)

On-campus health services

All currently enrolled UM students on the Ann Arbor campus who pay the health service fee as part of tuition are eligible for services at University Health Service (UHS), and do not pay the Domestic Student Health Plan office visit copay when seen at UHS. When appropriate, UHS can bill your insurance for services not supported by the health service fee, such as medications, certain immunizations, laboratory testing, radiology and eye care.

University Health Service Location: 207 Fletcher St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

For hours of operation and services provided:
(734) 764-8320

Dearborn Campus

To view a listing of providers that participate in the BCN network in the Dearborn area, visit bcbsm.com/find-a-doctor and search under the University of Michigan Domestic Student Health Plan.

Flint Campus

To view a listing of providers that participate in the BCN network in the Flint area, visit bcbm.com/find-a-doctor and search under the University of Michigan Domestic Student Health Plan.


University of Michigan Health Service Website

Provider Search

How to search for a doctor or facility

This plan uses the Blue Care Network of Michigan (BCN) provider network within the state of Michigan.

This plan also uses the Blue Cross and BlueShield PPO network through the BlueCard program for students traveling outside of Michigan.

To find a doctor, click on one of the below links:

Ann Arbor



Outside of Michigan

The plan includes BlueCard, a program of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. You will have nationwide access to BlueCard Traditional plan physicians and hospitals when traveling outside of Michigan.


Find a Doctor Outside of Michigan [pdf]


Get your medical bills paid

On occasion, you may have to pay for health services yourself.  For example, you may have to see an out-of-network doctor who does not accept your insurance.  If this occurs, you can seek reimbursement by submitting a Member Reimbursement Form. The Member Reimbursement form can be easily obtained by visiting the BCN website. 


Access BCN Member Claim Form

Information on behavioral health care options

Your health plan gives you access to a variety of care options and resources to treat mental health and substance use disorder conditions. Options include virtual care, in-person treatment, free resources and more.


Behavioral Health Care Options [pdf]